Seafresh Group recognises the responsibility to conduct business in a manner that protects, develops and enhances the environment for future generations. As a global operation, we understand that the welfare of our communities, employees and the strength of the global aquaculture and commercial fishing business are dependent upon on-going commitment and dedication to a sustainable environment.

Having conducted business and implemented strategic operational decisions with environmental sustainability as a core principle for many years, our policy is underpinned by 3 focus areas:

Environmental Sustainability

With many aquaculture practices resulting in ecosystem degradation and approximately 30% of wild capture fisheries in decline, we are committed to developing new and innovative solutions that will contribute to solving some of the many challenges faced by both the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries today.

Through the implementation of new technologies and products such as innovative feed formulations, a commitment to the efficient use of natural resources and the careful recycling of waste products, we are dedicated to ensuring the continued sustainability and improved management of global marine resources and the aquaculture industry in general.

Social Responsibility

As well as encouraging our employees globally to support our efforts in developing an environmentally sustainable work environmental, we strive to ensure that the working conditions of all of those who work within our production facilities are safe and hygienic and that the livelihoods, social conditions and food security of those in local communities are protected.

At Seafresh we are committed to the adherence of the Ethical Trading Initiative base Code of Conduct and will only trade with third party suppliers who share our dedication to environmental responsibility, are regulation compliant and can demonstrate a positive awareness of the impact of their business operations on both the environment and the local communities.

At Seafresh we are committed to the adherence of the Ethical Trading Initiative

We are also proud supporters of the UK Modern Slavery Act - see our statement here

Research and Innovation

We are committed to providing our global businesses with world leading knowledge, advice and environmentally sustainable solutions and in doing so recognise the need for research into more effective and ecological aquaculture methods. By actively encouraging the development and implementation of the most innovative sustainable opportunities, we endeavour to encourage those who work in the wider industry to support and further our efforts on a global scale.